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The Woodmont Amateur Radio Association (WARA) invites anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio or public service to come out and visit us. Our members are of all ranges of age and experience so whether you are new to Ham Radio or have been at it for a long time, you will find someone to relate to. WARA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to public service and public safety located in the Borough of Woodmont in Milford, Connecticut. Our club provides licensing classes, ARES training, and a safe place to say “I have no idea what I’m doing”. You can find contact information here, or you can visit us during the club meetings or events. The club meets on the second Wednesday of each month (except December).

Woodmont Borough Hall
128 Kings Hwy
Milford, CT 06460.


For what we are up to, please check our Google Calendar, or look at our news page.

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Information on joining is available on our membership application, which can be found in the documents section.

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